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Tips to Boost Workplace Productivity

Businesses are increasingly looking for a few great ways to further boost productivity, and there are plenty of innovative approaches to take that will accomplish this goal. From laughter to telecommuting, it’s worth pursuing each avenue in order to ensure better business and higher profits overall.

1. Laughter
Laughing is always a good thing, and that’s even true in the office. Laughter during the workday, as part of icebreakers or stress busters, has shown a major boost in worker productivity across the board.

2. Avoid Micromanaging Employees
Management is good and encourages a bit of structure. It also defines expectations. Micromanagement, though is not a good thing. It tends to stress workers out, fill them with fear and contempt, and actually lower productivity results. It’s also been shown to reduce worker accuracy and significantly reduce employee retention.

3. Focus on Team Work
Encouraging departments to work together toward a common goal, or to solve a shared problem, can boost productivity dynamically in office environments. It also encourages better social relationships, reducing the likelihood of conflict.

4. Reduce Monotonous Tasks
Doing the very same thing, day in and day out, is exhausting and boring. Encourage office task rotation to shake things up a bit and keep people on their toes, performing better over time.

Great Methods for Offices Everywhere

From laughing to rotating, boosting productivity in a big way can be accomplished with relatively minor adjustments to the office’s operations. Give it a try and enjoy the many benefits from increased worker enthusiasm.