New Ways Of Working

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New Ways to Recruit and Assess Employees

The changes in society today have opened up new ways for employers to search for and assess potential employees. Companies have been searching for a better way to find and test job seekers that is both effective and cost efficient, Today, many new employees are found through social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn and tested in new, creative ways such as tests and role playing.

Social Media as a Hiring Medium

By reaching out through social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, employers can have tons of job seekers right at their fingertips. Social media is so effective in recruiting individuals that it has been ranked fourth in quality of applicants, above even a company’s own career site. Furthermore, recruiting through this new medium provides a direct line to fresh talent from colleges as well as brand exposure for the company.

Innovative Ways to Assess Employees

Role playing may seem odd at first, but it is an excellent way to practice for and asses what one would do in a difficult situation. This gives the employer insight into how the employee will act under certain circumstances. It will also allow the employer to see how well the job seeker would actually do in the position they want. Also, giving the potential hire an intelligence test or personality test will reveal if that person will be compatible with the needs of the company and with the people he or she is working with. Don’t forget however that potential employees can also use the internet to practice aptitude tests and roleplaying for example with help of youtube (see below) to help them perform better in assessments. Whether this is an advantage or disadvantage is up to you to decide!

Branching Out

The technology available today gives companies and job seekers fresh and opportunistic ways to reach out to each other. Employers now have potential employees literally at their fingertips, while potential hires have a new way of finding and connecting with companies.