New Ways Of Working

Innovative problem-solving techniques


One major benefit of transitioning away from traditional workplace rules and toward the more flexible New Ways of Working approach is that problem solving becomes a whole lot easier for those in the human resources department, or those in a management capacity within the office. In addition to today’s most prominent problem solving and conflict resolution practices, offices can benefit from a number of new methods to relieve tension and reduce office stress.

Workers Can Choose to Sit Somewhere Else

For a conflict between two workers that usually sit near each other, picking a different set the following day allows tensions to cool as problems are worked out and become a thing of the past. Essentially, workers don’t have to see each other for days at a time if they wish that to be the case. Human resources professionals are wise to point to this method as a way to relieve tension and get work back to the forefront.

Prevention Rather Than Resolution

As part of an innovative approach to modern conflict resolution, office managers are increasingly engaging in prevention rather than resolution. This means sorting out conflicts before they exist, largely through more flexible seating, work-from-home options, and flexible arrival times that allow conflicts to dissipate by simply lowering the collective stress level in the office.

Conflicts as Opportunities

Today’s human resource professionals are now viewing conflict not as a detriment, but as an opportunity for the business. If they can get two people at odds with each other, or two departments at odds with each other, to speak and really talk about the issues at hand, it’s often possible to encourage better collaboration and enjoy higher employee retention. This is a real opportunity for the business to teach communication and negotiation skills.