New Ways Of Working



Features of the Most Innovative Travel Startups

New technology has made a strong impact on the travel industry. We are seeing new travel startups that are created in the mode of social media sites. Travel has become more social, meaning that people want to be reassured by reading reviews and talking to others before making their own[...]

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quality employees

New Ways to Recruit and Assess Employees

The changes in society today have opened up new ways for employers to search for and assess potential employees. Companies have been searching for a better way to find and test job seekers that is both effective and cost efficient, Today, many new employees are found through social media sites[...]

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“Bring Your Own Device”

Businesses are in the middle of a major shift, as workers bring their own mobile devices to the workplace for use with company systems instead of using approved hardware purchased in bulk by the organization. Known as “bring your own device,” or BYOD, these programs are booming and are expected[...]

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Taking care of business

Tips to Boost Workplace Productivity Businesses are increasingly looking for a few great ways to further boost productivity, and there are plenty of innovative approaches to take that will accomplish this goal. From laughter to telecommuting, it’s worth pursuing each avenue in order to ensure better business and higher profits[...]

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